Consoles & handhelds


This post is about the consoles and handhelds I have, what I think about them, and what consoles and handhelds I want to get.

I’m gonna start with the first console I got, and finish with the ones I want to buy next.

Original Xbox

Controllers: 2

Games: 7

Favourite game: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Most wanted game: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

This was my first ever console. I bought it used from my brother, along with a pretty large amount of games. I ended up selling most of the fps’ and racers, and I don’t regret that. I think this is now my least favourite console, simply because I don’t have a lot of great games for it. Also I prefer old Nintendo consoles.


Nintendo Wii

Controllers: 4 normal and two nunchucks

Games: 11

Favourite game: Mario Party 8

Most wanted game: Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Will arrive in the mail soon!)

This is a PARTY MACHINE. Well at least it’s my favourite multiplayer console. There is a reason I have 4 controllers for this. I’ve decided to start having game nights every now and then, and I believe this will stay the key console. At least until I get more controllers and multiplayer games for my other consoles.


DS Lite

Controllers: N/A

Games: 14

Favourite game: Mario Party DS or Mariokart DS

Most wanted game: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinium

Mario Party DS, four words. On The Go Fun. I bought that game yesterday as well, and I don’t regret it. So far it’s been really fun, I love the unique aspect the touch screen adds to the mini games. I might even like this better than the wii version. When it comes to the DS Lite itself, I love it. It’s sturdy(er than my 3ds), pretty, and backwards compatible with GBA. I don’t really have any good GBA games right now, so I guess I need more of those. When I was younger I lost all my GBA games and my GBA in Spain :( They got stolen.



Controllers: 1

Games: 3 (Soon 13)

Favourite game: Skyrim (mine) and Fallout (borrowed)

Most wanted game: Little Big Planet (all of them)

I bought my PS3 when Skyrim came out, just to play Skyrim. Which I don’t regret, the ps3 is a nice console. Especially the controllers. Now that I have a gaming laptop it might seem unnecessary, but I believe there is still games I’d prefer to play on my ps3. Also it’s backwards compatible with ps1. Not ps2 though, so I’ll have to consider getting one of those.



Controllers: N/A

Games: 3

Favourite game: Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

Most wanted game: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y (getting both this saturday!)

I’m super excited for Pokemon X & Y 😀 I’ll make a blog post about it when I’ve got to play a bit. The 3DS itself is nice, though I need to be more careful not to drop it on the floor… I don’t have a lot of 3ds games for it, but I’ve downloaded a few retro games. I might also get more 3ds games when the price drop a bit.


Gaming laptop

Controllers: N/A

Games: Unknown

Favourite game: Tomb Raider

Most wanted game: Fallout 3

There are several reasons why I don’t know how many PC games I have. First of all, I’ve had PC games since I was like five. I’m sure some are still around here somewhere. Secondly it depends on what you count as a PC game; for example does it need to be a disc, does 2 sidescrollers from steam count, etc. etc. Let’s just say I have… some.

I bought this laptop a month ago, mainly to play games on but also to draw on. It’s a MSI GE60 15,6” and does its job quite well. It runs Tomb Raider very well, which so far is the game with the highest requirements I’ve played on my laptop. I still have problems with Empire Earth though, but I’ll look more into that later. I love being able to buy games on sale on Steam and Gog, so PC means cheap games for me.



Controllers: 1 (soon 2)

Games:  1 (soon 3)

Favourite game: Only one I have is Holy Magic Century… It’s okay I guess.

Most wanted game: Mariokart 64

Just bought this yesterday, because I accidentally had too much time in town and also happened to have money with me… Oops. I think it’ll be worth it when I start getting some decent games though. I bought Holy Magic Century (Also known as Quest 64) just to have a game to play. I knew it was rated to be an average game, and the ratings were right. It’s a RPG with a lack of depth, but it’s still a bit entertaining. I find the combat system interesting. I’m getting Super Mario 64 and Chameleontwist 2 very soon, so hopefully that will bring more out of this nice console. I remember watching someone play Super Mario 64 as a kid, and I’m excited to finally play it myself. (The DS version is just not the same)




Want to get:



Controllers: N/A

Games: N/A

Favourite game: Super Mario Bros

Most wanted game: Super Mario Bros og Megaman II

I’ve played it a bit at my boyfriend’s cottage, and I have a few games downloaded on my 3DS. Other than that I don’t have a lot of gametime on NES, but I find this console very charming. I might get a third party NES and SNES console, so I don’t have two different ones. I hope the third party console doesn’t require the same amount of blowing as an old NES…



Controllers: N/A

Games: N/A

Favourite game: Possibly Kirby Superstar

Most wanted game: Kirby Superstar, Super Mario World, Yoshis Island

I’ve never played an actualy NES. I have however explored the system a bit on, and I love what I’ve seen. Before I tried it myself I was sceptical to 16 bit games. I mean, what could another 8 bits add? The traditional 8 bit games are great, what will change if you just do the same thing with more bits? I turned out to be very wrong. The ones I’ve tried are super fun, and I’m really looking forward to getting this console.


Gameboy Colour (Maybe)

Controllers: N/A

Games: N/A

Favourite game: Pokemon TCG

Most wanted game: Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

I don’t know if I want this… I’m getting a Pokemon FireRed on Saturday, that I’ll be able to play on my GBA compatible DS Lite. However I do love the Pokemon TCG, I’m sad they didn’t make any sequels. Oh well. Maybe I have to get this after all…


With this I just want to conclude that my money are flying out the window, but I’m having a great time. I also tend to prefer Nintendo consoles… Hm…

Look forward to more game related posts! :)