Recap 2013

2013 new year sparkler

Hello readers! We’re getting very close to 2014, and it’s time to look back at 2013. I decided to make a blog post about my experiences this year. Thanks to facebook, my phone photos, furaffinity, and more; it is well documented. So let’s get started!

This is going to be quite a lengthy post with lots of pictures, so here is a quick overview:

  • Big happenings
    • My birthday
    • Trip to Tenerife
    • Vacation with boyfriend in Östersund
    • Within Temptation Concert
    • Torucon
  • Game related
    • New consoles
    • New games
    • Game merchandise
  • Drawing related
    • My own drawing improvement
    • Art I’ve bought/gotten
  • Other
    • Things I’ve ordered online
    • Movies I’ve bought
    • Neopets
  • Personal stuff
    • Boyfriend
    • Graduated school (kind of) and got a job
    • Goals and dreams
    • Hair colour


Big happenings

My birthday

February 12th was my 18th birthday! I had wonderful time celebrating with my classmates and friends. 18 in Norway means I can both drink and drive, though preferably not in relation to each other. I don’t have my licence yet, and I wouldn’t say I drink a lot. Still it’s pretty cool to finally be 18. Oh, and I got a debit card that made me able to purchase things online! More about that later in this post.


Trip to Tenerife


In April this year I got to join on an international school project. It’s a cooperation between Norway, France, Slovakia, Turkey, and Spain. A few students from each country gets to travel to another of the countries, to participate in activities and projects. I got to go to Spain! To the lovely village of Tegueste, located on the Spanish island Tenerife. As you can see on the picture it’s a beautiful and peaceful village located up in the hills of Tenerife. I had a great time there, and got to meet lots of awesome people. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had this year :)


Vacation with boyfriend in Östersund


As I will talk about later in this post, I got a boyfriend in June. And in August we went on a little vacation! We decided to take the train over to Sweden, to visit a water park and a zoo. Which means… LEMURS! They are such gorgeous creatures. We also saw tigers, lions, lynx, and more.


Within Temptation Concert


Within Tempation is one of my all time favourite bands. In August they had a concert in my city, and of course I had to go! It was an amazing concert, and I had a great time. But the fun wasn’t over when the concert was over! At the end of the concert the guitarist threw some picks at the audience, as a lot of guitarist do, and the drummer threw his drumsticks. I managed to get one of the drumsticks! Picture bellow. You can see the marks from him using it during the concert.





Torucon is the first ever con I’ve been to. It’s not the biggest con around, but it was awesome! The picture shows a few of the things I brought back. The drawings are by a really nice artist I met there, Terese Antonsen. You can check out her art here:

I tried to cosplay as gijinka Oshawott, but it didn’t turn out too great. Next year I want to spend more time preparing, and cosplay as a vault dweller from Fallout 3.


Game related

New consoles


The above picture shows my brand new Retroduo, as well as my limited edition Wind Waker WiiU. Both bought this year. I love the gamepad for WiiU, and I’m really excited to see new games for it in 2014.

Below is my N64. Bought used of course. I already got a bunch of games for it, and it’s one of my favourite consoles.


Last but not least I got a 3DS early this year, to prepare for pokemon X & Y. More about them later in this post!


And I got  a bunch of new controllers! This is because of the Gaming nights I’ve been hosting, I love playing multiplayer games with friends. For some reason I have ended up having 7 Wii controllers in total.. Oops.



New games

This is going to be one of the lengthier sections. I have bought SO MANY FREAKING GAMES after I got a job. Srsly. I’m not even showing everything, just a selection. Enjoy!

New games3DS

Above are some of the “new” games I got this year. Mostly for Wii & WiiU, as I still haven’t gotten around to buying GTAV and Assassins Creed Black Flag. When Pokemon X & Y was released I got both, so I could get both legendaries and two starters. And I can trade with myself :p

Below are some of the retro games I got this year. Mostly well known classics.

Retro games   Handheld retro

Below are some of the PC games I’ve bought on GOG or Steam this year.



Game merchandise


I want to STUFF my room with game merchandise… This is the beginning! Most of this is stuff I’ve bought myself, but there are also some gifts in there. The most expensive part of it all is the treasure chest like box, which is a limited edition collection of Legend of Zelda guides. Wohoo! I also have some posters laying around.

Below is an awesome Zelda bag I bought to replace my old NES bag.

Zelda bag


Drawing related

My own drawing improvement

Art improvement

This should be a decent way to show my progress this year. I haven’t had as much time to draw as I would wish, but I’m still happy with what I have produced this year. More art bellow!

My art


Art I’ve bought/gotten

18 years old = debit card = paypal. Buy ALL the art! Here is a selection of art I’ve bought, and some gifts I’ve gotten.

Art bought and gifts



Things I’ve ordered online


Here is a nice selection of stuff I’ve ordered online this year. A gaming laptop, a capture device for TV, a couple t-shirts, some badges (art), some fursuit stuff, Cards Against Humanity, a Loki keyring, and the Wii game Kirby’s Epic Yarn.


Movies I’ve bought

2013 is the year where I suddenly started watching movies again! Here is a selection of DVDs and blurays I’ve bought.





The most exciting thing at neopets this year, is that I got both Pokemon and Ruby back! I also earned some trophies, and bought fancy shmancy nc wearables for my pets.


Personal stuff



This is my bf. We went to the same school/class, and stuff happened. He’s a cutie!


Graduated school (kind of) and got a job


Spring 2013 was my last semester at school (for now). In April I got offered a job as a Graphic Designer apprentice, and I took the offer. I started my new job in August! I earn half pay because I’m an apprentice, but as you can see from the rest of this post it have been fuelling my gaming needs :p


Goals and dreams

One last big happening this year was my “Goals and dreams” realisation that made me rethink my life. 2014 will show where it is getting me, and I’m excited!

You can read more about the whole realisation here.


Hair colour


A picture of me! A few days ago I dyed my hair for the first time in my life, and you can see the result here. Purple!


Well, that was all. It have been a great year, and I hope the next will be even better!