Help me choose my youtube username!


I’m starting a new Youtube channel! It’s going to be filled with game related stuff, such as: Top 10 lists, game play videos, let’s plays, and more. Most of these usernames are nintendo inspired, because that’s the kind of games I play the most. Click continue reading to read my reasoning behind each username.

Which of the following youtube usernames do you like the most? (pick 3)

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Why YouTube has abandoned users with a slow internet connection


A few years ago, I was sitting here with the same old slow connection I got now.  I wanted to watch a youtube video. So naturally I went to youtube, and opened the video I wanted to watch. I noticed my connection wasn’t good enough to stream it in 480p as I watched it, so I paused the video and went to do something else. When I got back, the video was fully loaded and ready to be watched.

I can’t do that anymore.

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